Modules 1 – 12

  1. Gain a panoramic view of the course subject, “The Music of South India”, its origins, scope and context | Introduction | History
  2. Get familiar with the educational system which has shaped Carnatic music for centuries | Transmission
  3. The different types and genres in Carnatic music | Music examples – external sourcesMusicians and scholars
  4. The confluence of devotional, art and dance music | Dance, Instruments
  5. Grasp the concepts of “raga” in relation to the 72 “melakarta” scales | Gamaka | Melakarta course
  6. Distinguish between the main items and genres of South Indian music and dance | Lecture recitals | Video
  7. Gain an insight into those facets that attract musicians and listeners to Carnatic music | Experience | Quotes
  8. Explore the temporal dimension of Carnatic and classical dance music (the “tala” system) in theory and practice | Tala
  9. Learn more about the musical instruments of Carnatic music (traditional and modern) | Instruments
  10. Appreciating the many facets of raga-based music | Listening | Raga | Tune
  11. Get immersed in the rhythmic dimensions of Carnatic music | Laya
  12. Discuss Carnatic music from an intercultural perspective | New ideas