Modules 1 – 12

  1. Gain a panoramic view of the course subject, “The Music of South India”, its origins, scope and context
  2. Get familiar with the educational system which has shaped Carnatic music for centuries
  3. The different types and genres in Carnatic music
  4. The confluence of devotional, art and dance music
  5. Grasp the concepts of “raga” in relation to the 72 “melakarta” scales
  6. Distinguish between the main items and genres of South Indian music and dance
  7. Gain an insight into those facets that attract musicians and listeners to Carnatic music
  8. Explore the temporal dimension of Carnatic and classical dance music (the “tala” system) in theory and practice
  9. Learn more about the musical instruments of Carnatic music (traditional and modern)
  10. Appreciating the many facets of raga-based music
  11. Get immersed in the rhythmic dimensions of Carnatic music
  12. Discuss Carnatic music from an international perspective