Tips | Viewing media contents & using Custom Search windows

If your (mobile) browser fails to display “embedded” media contents, Google maps and search windows

  • Close your browser
  • Check your browser and mobile (gsm) settings: 
    e.g. permission for video or JavaScript 
    (seen under Preferences >Security >Enable JavaSript)
  • Restart your computer (smartphone, tablet)
  • Reconnect to your wifi network or connect to a different one
  • Ensure your browser is up to date
  • Try another browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari

On some iPhone models the following helps:
>Settings >Safari >scroll down to:

  1. Enable “Request Desktop Website” (All Websites) temporarily
  2. Return to the map-post in Safari and “Reload”
  3. Return to >Settings and disable “Request Desktop Website” again
  4. Return to the post in Safari and “Reload”which should now display “embedded” contents as intended (with the convenience of browsing the mobile version on a small screen)

Note: similar resetting options may also work for other mobile operating systems if needed.

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