Dedicated to the memory of Prof. S.A. Srinivasan who never ceased to marvel at the wonder that is music whenever Carnatic music was being taught by his wife Dr. Pia Srinivasan Buonomo; forever ready to share his most cherished childhood memory – his mother’s singing – when hearing his and Pia’s favourite Tyāgarāja kriti “Sītāpatī” being rendered on the flute to lively mridangam accompaniment at their Reinbek home; gladly offering hospitality as to put shared values into practice – values beyond words yet suited to bridge divisions of any kind through graceful music and more:

Of all the words you spoke to Hanuman and the others; Sita’s Lord, I’m convinced inside – You looked on me with love and acted magnanimously, you showed your glory in all its abundance; You said: ‘Why fear when I am here?’

Excerpt from the translation of Sītāpatī
by William Jackson in Tyāgarāja – Life and Lyrics

This educational website continues to serve learners and lovers of music thanks to their unerring encouragement, wisdom and support.

Photos courtesy Pia Srinivasan
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