“It is a fantastic resource and has been quite inspirational.”

“As someone who did not have an opportunity to learn the rudiments of Carnatic music [back home in India], I highly value this course.”

“Opportunities to explore what is common among world music and cultural dynamics, and what distinguishes one from the other.”

“One of the nicest aspects [is] this multimedia approach; great fun for those of us who have not taken lessons in Karnatic music.”

“I liked your site very much and the way you put the things so that students can understand very easily.”

“Ludwig has introduced me in South Indian music and arts in a very interesting and motivating way. With his great experience and knowledge he has created excellent material for a special internet course. It is a perfect way to learn about Carnatic music without being in India.”

“Your enjoyment in your work is clear in the excellent material we always have in the course. I feel brilliant after reading every piece you have there as it is a miniscule super package of information that we are exposed to!”

“This is certainly illuminating. Thanks a lot. I now have a better understanding of ragas for sure!”

“Multi-media applications are revolutionizing the way music education could be delivered, down to practical lessons.”

“I started learning vocal Carnatic music at the age of 6 and continued off and on until I completed my postgraduation and began working … and restarted again about 2 years ago after marriage and relocation to the USA. … I learnt in the Semmangudi style as my guru was his shishya and now I am starting over in a combination of the Musiri and Karaikudi style … I learnt a lot of Swati Tirunal krithis as Semmangudi is credited with reviving his music in his years at the Trivandrum Music College. … I find this course extremely enlightening in the content and method. The combination of newspaper and other articles, actual concerts etc. gives a wonderfully varied view of the genre.”

“Carnatic music now has its domains spread far and wide, much much away from the Vindhyas! Why?! This very course is an example of how modern technology has helped us living geographically apart to meet, discuss and redefine our perceptions on Carnatic music. I feel that this inter-cultural exchange does a lot of good. I feel one learns a lot when one is faced with performing, talking, teaching in foreign countries.”

“I feel so privileged to be able to access these exercises, which would have been impossible years ago. Back then, the only way one could learn these would have been in person directly from a teacher.”

“I do find the practical exercises very enjoyable and meaningful. Keeping time on uneven number of beats as the speed increases is a challenge.”

“We all appreciate your great service to society.”

“There is nothing like hands on experience when it comes to learning/appreciating music. … The good thing about this course is that at least we have all these amazing audio and video materials to help us understand better.”

“Participation in the present course “ Music of South India” has given me an opportunity to explore my interest further. … I really like the rich content of the course.”

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