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This course is based on personalized interaction and covers all the important facets of Carnatic music, the classical music of South India: its traditions as well as its present role in world music.

How to learn and understand
Through e-learning, practical exercises and discussions, you get actively involved in Carnatic music and other aspects of South India’s rich and varied culture.

Customized in response to specific needs
The Music of South India is being updated regularly, both for informal (free) participation and site-specific course developed in collaboration with educational institutions and cultural organisations.

In short, this course continues to be an experience for discerning minds

  • a meaningful experience for people from various cultural backgrounds and age groups;
  • for some, the perfect way to learn about Carnatic music even without having had an opportunity to visit India;
  • and equally enjoyable for those who regret never having had an opportunity to learn the rudiments of Carnatic music back home in India.