The Oxford Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music

“I frequently dip into your books when in need of some clarification. Marvellous work.” – Ramnarayan Venkatrama, Editor-in-Chief, SRUTI MAGAZINE (unsolicited response by email, 18 July 2013)

“The most thorough study of Carnatic music is by Ludwig Pesch.” – Historian of religions and musicologist Guy L. Beck in “Hinduism and Music” (OXFORD HANDBOOKS ONLINE , 2014)

“useful chapter on voice training” – John Potter and Neil Sorrell in A HISTORY OF SINGING (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012, Sources and references, p. 310)

“Pesch’s sumptuous Illustrated Companion is a delight … This is a book to be owned and cherished” Keshav Desiraju in THE TELEGRAPH CALCUTTA (Kolkata)

“a must-read and a worthy addition to a classical music aficionado’s collection … lucid explanations to unscramble jargon and decipher technicalities … tastefully designed … pure reading pleasure” – Lalithaa Krishnan in THE HINDU (Friday Review)

“one of the most useful books on Carnatic music (“The Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music”, Oxford University Press).” – Gowri Ramnarayan in THE HINDU

“his most precious piece of work … embellished with more than 100 line drawings, photographs and staves by well-known artists.”  Utpal Borpujari in the SUNDAY HERALD (Art & Culture, 29 March 2009)

“very new, extremely handsome, second edition” – Samanth Subramanian in BODY AND SOUL (column, 16 March 2009)

“a most informative, thorough, and scientifically accurate companion to our classical music” – C.V. Narasimhan (former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations) in THE HINDU (Literary Review)

“engaging, informative and authoritative” – Book review by Gerry Farrell in MUSIC AND LETTERS QUARTERLY (Vol. 81, Number 4, November 2000)

“the best” – BRITANNICA.COM

Publisher: Oxford University Press (India)
2nd revised edition 2009
ISBN 978-019-569998-X

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