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A note on privacy
In order to protect your privacy at all times, this e-learning course is kept free from advertising even in the absence of subsidies or sponsorship; and your contact information will not be shared with anyone else except for the purpose of sending you course material as applicable.

Money matters
This e-learning course is self-supporting as it neither depends on sponsorship nor on advertising of any kind. It is hosted on a world-class server financed  by a modest contribution made by each participant.

To save expenses

  • within the Eurozone, make your payment by bank transfer  (bank details are sent on receiving an enrollment message)
  • use PayPal if you reside outside the Eurozone (the applicable amount in your currency is automatically calculated by PayPal)
  • as for the approximate amount in your currency at today’s rate, check a currency converter like Oanda Currency Converter or Yahoo Currencies Center
  • for timely delivery of course material sent by registered priority/airmail post, ensure that it can be received even in your absence or collected in time from the carrier’s office

Thank you for your interest and support!