Find song lyrics

Enter one or several keywords such as a composer’s name (personal name or mudra “signature”), a composition you want to learn more about; or just its raga.


  • to start with, simply hit the Enter-key after typing the spelling you are familiar with (additional variants may have capital letters for long vowels (“A” for “aa”)
  • then try other spellings, including joint and split variants (there is no standard English transliteration for all linguistic features found in Carnatic lyrics)
  • restrict the results to one website by adding its name in the search field (e.g. “Balamurali Krishna lyrics” or “Dikshitar lyrics musicresearchlibrary”, “Purandara lyrics”)
  • on Mohan Ayyar’s amazing website you find additional links under the heading “Lyrics Sites sorted by Composer”

Websites included in the above Google custom search

Feel free to suggest other suitable websites for future inclusion!

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