Find song lyrics and ragas

Enter one or several keywords such as a composer’s name (personal name or mudra “signature”), a composition you want to learn more about; or just its raga.


  • to start with, simply hit the Enter-key after typing the spelling you are familiar with (additional variants may have capital letters for long vowels (“A” for “aa”)
  • then try other spellings, including joint and split variants (there is no standard English transliteration for all linguistic features found in Carnatic lyrics)
  • restrict the results to one website by adding its name in the search field (e.g. “Balamurali Krishna lyrics” or “Dikshitar lyrics musicresearchlibrary”, “Purandara lyrics”)
  • on Mohan Ayyar’s amazing website you find additional links under the heading “Lyrics Sites sorted by Composer”

Websites included in the above Google custom search

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