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Vaitari: A musical picture book from Kerala
Arun V.C.

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Vom Klang des Glücks: Ein Leitfaden zur Konzert-, Tanz- und Tempelmusik Südindiens
von Ludwig Pesch

Ekagrata Publications, Amsterdam 1996
ISBN 90-75785-02-x
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sittrarangam02_coverA Theatre for all: Sittrarangam, The Small Theatre Madras
by Ludwig Pesch
(2nd revised edition: Ekagrata Publications, Amsterdam 2002)
ISBN 90-75785-03-8

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eloqentpercussionEloquent Percussion: A Guide to South Indian Rhythm
by Ludwig Pesch & T.R. Sundaresan
Ekagrata Publications, Amsterdam, 1996
ISBN 90-75785-01-1
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ragadhana_2ndedRaga Dhana: An Alpha-Numerical Directory of Ragas
by Ludwig Pesch
2nd enlarged and revised edition
Natanakairali, Irinjalakuda (Kerala), 1993
out of print

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