• (maintained by musicologists Arati Rao, Vidya Jayaraman and N. Ramanathan)
  • Shodhganga (a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses)


Find results these and other platforms


  1. To obtain more specific results, include the names of one or several platforms from the list seen below together with your search words:
    e.g. “bamboo flute musicresearchlibrary”, “drum shodhganga” or “indian music education”
  2. While browsing the search results with search terms of your choice, toggle between Web and Image
  3. More tips for using Shodhganga >>

List of websites searched as explained above

  • – Anthropological Survey of India
  • – International Council for Traditional Music & Yearbook for Traditional Music
  • – maintained by Arati Rao, Vidya Jayaraman and N. Ramanathan (follow their Facebook page for latest news and updates)
  • – Unesco
  • – Open access for Ph.D. theses from Indian universities (for details, see dropdown list in the search window found there) 
  • * (any website maintained by the Govt. of India)

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